What exists but shouldn't?

why would it get locked?
Answer to Jeopardy category "Examples of Social Media"
What is POA?
This is why I specifically said "social media apps". I have no problem with all social media as a whole. What I wish didn't exist is its pervasive, constant presence in the lives of so many people that surpasses and usurps everything else in their lives. I get tired of trying to carry on a conversation with people whose primary life focus seems to be FacebookNextdoorXSnapchatInstagramWhatever... never mind half the drivers who are paying more attention to that than the vehicle with which they narrowly avoid killing people.

I would have said "social media addicts", but many of the people I care about are in that category.

And get off my lawn.
Computers in cars, electric starters in cars, A/C, P/S, A/T, P/B and P/W in cars.

(Let's see who the old farts are here the remember the abbreviations for used cars...)

Also IBTL.
As a true believer in Sturgeon's law (the adage that “ninety percent of everything is crap”)...

Well, how much time do you have?