Saving my iPhone 10 background picture without taking a screenshot.


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Aug 8, 2018
Sunnyvale CA
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I have a special picture of my wife and me singing karaoke as the background picture on my iPhone. I want to save it so I can back it up.

It’s actually a picture of a picture and there’s no way I can see duplicating it.

I know how to get a screenshot, but I don’t want anything else in the picture.

I’ve looked through my Photos library and haven’t found it.

Is there a way to access the background picture directly, without getting the iPhone time and icons in it?

I have a photo like that (well, not with your wife) it’s a favorite too - the only way I could find it was to remember the year and season (they’re stored chronologically) then 10 minutes of scrolling and it popped up. Googling this issue did not help.
okay Just tried this, here’s how I can do it on my iPhone:

At the Lock Screen hold the image, it will pop-out into a mode to change/Customize the Lock Screen or Wallpaper. At the bottom, press button to “Customize”. Then you see a different menu where you can change widgets and the clock appearance over the photo. At lower right is a small round button with “…”.

Click on that and it pops-up with an option to “show photo in library”. It takes me to the original photo in my camera roll.

Note that if this is a wallpaper background from a really old phone and was transferred-over as part of a phone data migration (old phone to a new phone) the original picture might not be in your photo library anymore?
Another hint since we at taking about wallpaper and lock screens:

Please customize your Lock Screen picture to have a contact info or alternative phone number (eg other family member), so if someone finds your phone then have a chance to do the right thing and return it.

I’ve found phones left-behind at AirVenture and had no way of knowing who it belongs to or anyway of calling the owner’s other relative to let them know where the phone is. The Lock Screen is just some crazy picture of the owner making a funny face, that doesn’t help me get your phone back. It takes a long route to lost & found, but calling your wife to let you know you left your phone at the coffee shop and it’s going to the lost and found , makes everything easier.