Is Vans at Sun n Fun this year?

I believe they said they would not make it to SnF but will be at Airventure.
Rotax has an RV9 on display in their outside booth. ;)
As TCABM stated, Vans publicly announced a few weeks they would not be at SnF this year and they aren’t, but they said they would be at Osh.
Interesting. Do they have anything compelling vs Lyc/Con?
For the RV-9, the Rotax is about a hundred pounds lighter and produces full power into the mid teens, increasing cruise speed by quite a bit. It’s a great match for the RV-9, which has a different wing than other RVs - designed for efficient cruise instead of all-around high performance. The lighter engine also necessitates an extended, which looks cool. So far, the Rotax RV-9A looks like a winning combo.