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Jun 6, 2024
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Darren H
Hi all!

New user here all the way from South Africa (if anyone knows the local forum Avcom, I'm quite active on there)! I am an exchange student here in Cambridge, MA and I recently completed my 61.75 PPL process. While I don't have boatloads of money (student struggles), I am looking to fly a bit on that license to maintain currency for when I go back home.

I am looking for operators/owners who are renting out relatively cheap-to-operate aircraft, namely C150/152, C172, PA28 (most of my logged hours are in the PA28). I first want to do a flight with a CFI for currency, airspace/operation familiarization, and to cover my bases for the rental. I don't intend to fly too often, maybe once or twice a month, just doing local flights and circuits. Another constraint is not having access to my own car (no point in having one just for a year). As such, my preference is for airports that are in areas with commuter rail service from Boston.

If anyone has suggestions for operators/owners to contact, please let me know!
I don't think you're going to find much directly off the T or commuter rail, but there's a ton a flight schools in the area.
7B3, KBED, KBVY, KLWM, 6B6, 2B2 all have flight training and most likely rentals. I think OWD does as well, and I think its not far from the commuter rail. Might be your best option.
KOWD has several flight schools with the type aircraft you want to rent.
Only airport with T access is KBED. KOWD and KBVY if you’re willing to Uber from the commuter rail maybe. KBVY probably would be the cheapest of those 3, KBED most expensive definitely.
I've never rented from anyone there, but the folks at OWD are friendly, and when you're in the air it's relatively simple to go west, get out from under the Boston class B, and have some fun flying. Suggest getting uber for getting around in Boston, not as a replacement for mass transit, but a supplement. I'm not a local, but have family there and visit a couple of times a year.

Oh, and while you're there, check out the Constitution, and also the local music scene. Except for the driving Boston is a nice city.
Also call the local FBOs mentioned and see what not only the prices are, but what their rental requirements are.

I was on an extended business trip and my wife was about 1,5 hour C-172 flight away. And there were several couples like this. So I thought, Hmmm, get checked out, can use the weekend to go visit and maybe find some others to split costs.

The first 4 or 5 I called were out of business. The one that was still in business wanted a 3 hour MINIMUM checkout for Day VFR. Now, I held a Commercial ASMEL, IA, RH, G and was a current CFI - ASE, IA, RH, G. And had several hundred hours in C-172s.

On top of that, would be another 3 hour MINIMUM checkout for Night VFR. And ANOTHER 3 hour minimum for IFR.

I commented about a number of closed places and the person said something like, yeah, it is pretty strange. And we are struggling. REALLY????
Thanks for the suggestions all! I'll update this thread if I have success in finding a plane to rent :)