1. David Loftus

    Unbelievable Offduty Delta Mechanic notices GA Maintenance Issue from the Ground

    Last night I had the most unbelievable and unique exchange on Facebook Messenger. I had just flown home to KLZU from KPNS, where I and two friends had just flown down for the day to watch the Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow. I crossed the KATL Bravo at 4500 feet, where I passed over this...
  2. saltshaker80

    A&P currency

    I got my A&P years ago through Embry Riddle after working on helicopters in the military. I didn’t use the license in any way in the years following. I am now a pilot / aircraft owner with a commercial rating. I’ve been doing maintenance as permitted under part 43 as an owner operator. Most...
  3. S

    A&P project help needed for a Cessna project just north of Pittsburgh

    Hi all. I'm a new member here. I have a project that was started by my grandfather that I am picking up and finishing. It's a Cessna 175 with an engine upgrade with STC to an O-470. The previous mechanic started the upgrade and overhaul and then didn't finish the work and had too many...
  4. I

    A&P Work While Building Hours

    Hello! I’m new to this forum but wanted to post to get some insight from people more experienced in the industry. I’m currently enrolled in a 12 month A&P course and am planning on finding work for an airline after graduating, then work on gaining flight hours during off time while doing A&P...
  5. ArrowFlyer86

    For Sale A&P in the KDPA area (west chicagoland)?

    Hi! Curious if there are any A&Ps in the Chicagoland area who would be interested in helping with a couple small things on my Arrow? 1) Supervise/assist with my oil change 2) Help me troubleshoot/diagnose a radio transmit issue (looking to understand what could be happening, even if we can't...
  6. B

    Setting Hobbs after it went down

    What happens when a hobbs meter goes down and thus stops recording. When you fix it, how do you know what to set it to? Would you do the same for calculating PIC time accumulated while hobbs was down?
  7. I threw it on the ground

    YouTube channel

    I’ve started a YouTube channel for some of the things we see in our GA shop. It’s not like a “how to”, mainly we just show things we find that are bad, and talk about how we may fix it. It’s been challenging compiling all the clips, because everyone is airdropping me things. Just curious...
  8. P

    Question Regarding A&P signing off on a 100Hr

    Hey guys Have a quick question I can’t find the answer to on google. When an A&P signs off on a 100 hr does he need to print his name on the log? For example is it legal to describe all work completed and say A&P xxxxxxx with a scribble signature that you can’t even make out. On all other log...
  9. Travis Schaefer

    ISO A&P for partial prebuy inspection Piper Seneca iii Oakland/Hayward, CA wanted

    Greetings, I am in search of an A&P in the Oakland/ Hayward, CA area for a partial pre-buy inspection of a Piper Seneca iii. Wednesday, June 24th at the Hayward Airport. I am mostly needing the motors bore scoped and general engine/propeller conditional inspection. Continental TSIO-360-kb's...
  10. R

    Piston Singles easily serviced outside of the US (Latin America)?

    Good day, PoA. I was wondering what the folks here thought would be some easily serviced piston singles when outside of the US - mainly in Latin America. For context I'd like to purchase something in the next ~year or so and eventually move/fly around Latin America (anything I purchase will...
  11. J

    Looking for a good mechanic to do pre-buy in Dawson, GA (16J)

    Hi, I am based in the Dallas, TX and I'm looking into purchasing a plane in Dawson, Georgia. Looking for recommendations for a good A&P/IA to perform a pre-buy inspection. 16J is about 2 hours drive north of Tallahassee and 3 hours drive south of Atlanta. Any recommendations would be greatly...
  12. JScarry

    Can your A&P do this?

    Replacing a missing wheel. https://twitter.com/RichardPorteous/status/1288026532854857728
  13. MulePilot

    Low Time Alaska Flying Opportunites?

    Hi all. I've been researching potential employers for once I've finished my Com. single and multi, and have fallen in love with Alaska. I learned of an opportunity flying Aztecs and 172s for a survey outfit based in Anchorage, called JAV Imagery, and I am intrigued as to what else is out there...
  14. L

    Becoming a pilot in today’s industry

    Hey all, posted here a couple times pre Covid and now I’m starting to worry if dropping nearly 100k for flight training/school is a good idea. I have two questions- What is the likely hood of the pilot shortage coming back? At this point in time, I’m aiming more towards corporate flying than...
  15. M

    A&P / Avionics in San Antonio TX

    New to SA TX...67 Mooney M20F. Simply looking to understand options. My bird is based in Castroville (KCVB)
  16. H

    Question: Pilots who are also A&Ps

    Hi, I'm brand new to the forums. Also, while I've been obsessed with aviation since I was a kid, I'm only just now starting my way towards a PPL. My question has to do with having both a PPL and an A&P. A little bit of background. I am a jet engine mechanic for the United States Air Force...
  17. A

    A&P at Falcon Field

    Can anybody recommend an A&P at Falcon Field (FFC) for emergency repairs. I have A&P/IA for routine maintenance. Looking for somebody for day to day issues like filling struts, flat tire etc.
  18. S

    Inspector needed in Southern California

    Does anyone know any inspectors that can go to Fullerton airport in California? There used to be plenty around back in the day but not anymore. Or that I can find at the moment. I realize there are shops but I am just looking for someone who can help with the inspection part at my hanger...
  19. C

    A&P needed in Maine

    in desperate search of an A&P close to KEPM (Eastport, Maine) to sign off on a ferry permit for a Cessna 150. Ferry permit in hand. Aircraft easily accessible at KEPM. I'm in the Portland area and can drive if someone is willing to make the trip. Will pay you for your time. Bonus points if...
  20. easik

    A & P certification. Is it worth it?

    Just curious, does anyone hold an A&P certification? and will you recommend that a builder get one for maintenance purposes? there is the benefit of working with it as well. Please advise. Thanks.