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Feb 10, 2024
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Hello Everyone,
I just had a question about the Wings Program. I recently did like 5 of them as they were required as part of my job training syllabus.
Admittedly, I hurried through some questions and did have to take the tests a couple times to pass with a 100% score.
As far as I know they are just a participation based/continued training proficiency program, but I was wondering if there is any record of the tests that would go in my training record?
Thanks again!
The tests, no. The courses you passed, yes. If you were logged in to FAA, there is a record of every course you have completed.a little hidden (as usual)…

Go to the Activities search tab. Click on the Activity History link.

… and, back on the home page, there are also links to your history and you can also print your completion certificates.
The program used to be simple and effective. Now, it is mainly inscrutable. Anything that you have to take a course to figure out how to take courses is doomed.
I regularly give WINGS based flight reviews. I regularly receive my own flight reviews that way (like last week).

And I regularly complain about what a mess the website is (like last week :D)
Thank you for all the great replies! Ok that was what I figured honestly, but I was still a little bit curious. I have, somehow, gotten good test scores on my actual written tests and sort of glazed through the WINGS program so I was just wondering. I did end up printing all the certificates, and the small wallet sized ones, so thanks for that tip! Now, If I ever get ramp checked, I can show all my documents plus a whole list of WINGS certs! hahaha

Thanks again!
Wings keeps track of your courses, but drops them after 12 months. Take 3 courses in three different areas, take three flights following the recommended Flight Activities, get the instructor to enter those flights in Wings. FAA then issues you a new Flight Review good for the next 24 months.
Wings keeps track of your courses, but drops them after 12 months.
You can’t use a course toward a Wings phase after12 months, but the system continues to keep track of it. I have courses going back to 2008, and can print a certificate of completion today.