RRRRRRRough River 2023! (2I3 4/21/2023 - 4/23/2023)

4/21 - 4/23

  • that is a good weekend for me, I'm in!

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  • that is not a good weekend for me or I just hate having fun, I'm out!

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My wife has told me she needs me out of the house all day tomorrow...:)...looks like I may make it up....where yall going to be exactly?
Exactly where at 2I3? have a cottage rented? The lodge?..its spread out
currently we are in the pilots lounge. the cotrages are walkable from pots lounge.

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Y'all have fun and post lots of photos. I'm still showing 300 foot ceilings back home on Sunday and a weather system between us and you guys today.

I know every year there's something that happens we can't talk about so if anyone just wants to text me in real time a photo of whomever it is throwing up on themselves while holding two Roman candles and simultaneously falling into the fire pit while riding some sort of inflatable animal, that would be very kind.
Not just any inflatable animal. They made a blowup doll that looks like you:rofl::goofy:
Usually people get drunk AFTER they arrive….

Any guesses on who this was and what may have happened?

Dude, losing your memory of the night before is a bad sign. You should cut back a little. Great job getting her on the ground though:fingerwag::goofy:
Well, I didnt make it up today but I may still tomorrow
I hoped to make it up today. Convective sigmets and wind gusts were not in my favor :(
Eman has his Yankees cap back!
No chainsaw crazy man sighting this year?
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You guys couldn't have moved the ugly Mooney to other end of the ramp for the picture? ;)

Jealous I couldn't be there.
Looks like everyone is making it home safely. :thumbsup: Sorry I had to miss this year.
Sue and I are home safe. Uneventful flight back with gear down. Cost about 40 kts IAS. Had to descend from 9 to 7 at one point because of ice.
Sue made this unsolicited comment to me last night. “I like this (RR) because the people are so nice.” Couldn’t agree more. Special thanks to those with cars that so generously helped move us from airport to lodge and to party cabin.
We are back home. Had a crosswind that didnt help or hurt much. Just watched the gap between @N4984R and us grow on the ADSB as we were both on about a 005 track.

No possible way for me to keep up with you!!! :)

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