Wanted: Partnership Partnership in New Jersey KMMU KCDW KLDJ N07

Justin M

Line Up and Wait
Oct 23, 2016
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Display name:
I'm exploring the possibility of joining a partnership of a cross-country capable plane.
Here are the key details:

Partnership Structure: Looking for a small group of committed pilots to share the joys and responsibilities. Expenses like maintenance, hangar fees, and insurance will be shared.

Home Base: I live in New Jersey near New York City, so the GA airports under the bravo are what I have in mind.

Pilot: I have almost 500 hours PIC and over 350 hours of cross country time. I'm working on my IFR rating, but have a ways to go.

Aircraft Type: I mostly fly a 182 right now, but I'm open to suggestions and preferences.

If you've any ideas or contacts or interest, drop a comment or send me a direct message.