Jeppesen Logbook Grrr!

You don't have to color in the lines - you can use every block for a single flight if you'd like. That said, I put "see notes" if I need a lot of space, and have a separate note/logbook full of detailed flight reports.

who wonders why they're called dailies when they take a week to write
Yeah this is why I keep 0.38mm scratchy-scratch pens in my flight bag. I hate using those things. I often try to take the remarks into the right among the frequently redundant hour columns -- or at least the signature. My sig could take up that whole dang box if I wasn't paying attention.
look at it this way, if you use multiple lines, you get to fill up the logbook quicker.
Ryan, you’re trying to make this much too simple when there’s an effective, complicated, hassle of a solution available to you.

Type up your remarks on your computer, then reduce the font size to 2 or 3 or whatever might fit. Print the file onto sticker paper, cut out the printed rectangle, then paste it into your logbook.

Done! And a PITA, too, right?
Jepp the spaces are too small, ASA the pages fall out. Sportys has the best logbooks.
I had to pull mine out and look at it. The cover says. "PILOT LOGBOOK", and there are copyright dates and "All rights reserved" on one of the inside pages -- but nowhere in the book does it give any indication of who printed or sold it. None. I bought it in '98 or '99, but have no idea where from. Probably the FBO after a discovery flight or something.
I find it much faster to fill out the Jeppesen compared to the ASA. I’m not afraid to write additional comments on the empty boxes as well. But most flights are uneventful with nothing much to write.
I use a spiral notebook and make the columns the size I want them.

And a whole lot less expensive than that leather bound log book with gold leaf pilot initials on the front.
It makes me feel good inside that I’ve established a signature dish that everyone remembers me by! ;)
As a rusty pilot I do wish that I'd have done better about keeping more of a mini journal for my flights. Looking back many of those flights seemed unremarkable at the time, but now that memory has faded I wish I'd written more.