1. ArrowFlyer86

    Etiquette for establishing 2 way radio-communication at delta

    About once a week I'll hear someone contact my tower (class D) with a radio call like this: [PART 1] "Pilot: DuPage Tower, RV 123AB" "Tower: RV 123AB, DuPage Tower" <Crickets for 5+ seconds> [PART 2] After long, awkward silence on the channel... "Tower: RV 123AB, DuPage Tower, say request"...
  2. Sac Arrow

    Like Bombing

    And I don't mean similar to bombing. Here' is how the conversation went. I have changed the names to protect the innocent, and accused guilty: Rayone: "It's soooooooo annoying!" Me: (okay I didn't change my own name) "What?" Rayone: "Shumaine literally likes every post I make!" Me: "That's a...