Syracuse near miss - maybe?

Local talk show media is making a mountain out of a molehill out of this. They do that with every aviation related story that comes across their newsfeed.
Not a lot happens in Syracuse when it's not football season. Sometimes not even a lot then. But they have not bad BBQ, believe it or not.
Eh...landing AC got an RA, but crew already initiated the go-around at that point, so not quite the near death experience the media is portraying. The system worked, no metal was bent. And apparently the North Syracuse Police don't have enough police things to do, since they had time to take and post a misleading video. I've seen reports of vertical separation of 500 ft, horizontal not reported, so who knows?

I'm based out of SYR, we have a lot of trainee controllers, but I've no idea if this guy is a trainee or not. Given the usual amount of traffic, seems probably unnecessary to be sequencing that tight, but I wasn't there.