Pop-ups when hovering over a thread title - how to make it stop

Bob Noel

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Jun 7, 2008
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Bob Noel
the pop up occurs when looking at, say, a list of new posts.

I'm sure some (most) people find it useful to have the first part of a thread's post #1 pop up when moving the cursor over a thread title. But is there some user option to make it stop? or at least have a longer (much longer) delay?

The pop-ups get in the way.

Did I miss a setting in the user preferences?

Man goes to the doc and says, "Doc ... I broke my arm in three places, what should I do?" Doc says, "stay outta them places."

Seriously ... I got nothing for an answer. I just keep away from them but overall find it helpful to get a preview on a thread if needed.