Piper PA28-180 MLG cylinder head leak (PN 63315-00)

Rex Kwan Do

Apr 17, 2022
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Rex Kwan Do
Periodically I find that my Right MLG strut will collapse/deflate. When I pop the wilke button off I find the depression where the shrader valve body sits is full of hydraulic fluid. The shrader valve itself is clean and dry. removed the valve body and looked at the sealing surface where the valve seats on the cylinder head (63315-00) and see some wear/pitting. I tried replacing the crush washer and valve but that doesn’t appear to have worked. It does appear to be something I see more in the summer than the winter (temperature?)

Wondering what anyone else’s experiences are with pulling the gear to swap the cylinder head. Obviously if I pull it, it’s getting the full rebuild I just want to make sure I’m not over looking some sort of common sense step. I’m not eager to pull the gear.
I’ve seen good things happen with Granville.
I just want to make sure I’m not over looking some sort of common sense step.
Check with your mechanic but there are options to get it to seal provided that is where the main leak is coming from.
I’m apprenticing so trying to do some self learning before I go to the IA with ‍a *shrug*. Grateful for any point out.
Grateful for any point out.
Anything I can offer is beyond your "apprentice" level. Since a new washer didn't fix it, you may also want to consider looking at the inner strut seal as well. You did make a write up for the crush washer seal?
IA signed during annual. Appreciate the insight.
Just in case ...
The washer under the Shrader valve is aluminum and not reusable.
I am not sure why it is not copper, but it's not.
There is a mod to make main gear removal easier; the NEXT TIME!

R & R is not a piece of cake task. Diagnosing is challenging due to limited

access and long interval for the issue to develop.

I’ve worked on Cherokees a long , long time but have never had occasion

to pull a main gear as is your concern. As others have stated; the issue is

probably with the valve and gasket.

As you can tell; I am a fan of Granville Strut seal. It will NOT repair cut or

twisted o - rings but might help as a “ last shot” when you have nothing to

lose. I measure the success rate in years or hundreds of hours if I can

keep track of the aircraft. A 182 nose strut and a 114 oleo are at 9 and 8

years respectively. If you do want to try it note that it is only effective

if it gets the o-ring wet. Adding to the fluid is obvious but also squirting

In mating surface where it can wick down may help.

I’ve seen too many Cherokee’s damaged while jacking for repairs.

When the jack goes UP something must move or the jack tips!

Columbus took a chance!