Picture uploads too big?

@flyingron is going to check it out. We suspect the server might need to be reconfigured. I changed the setting in the back end to what I’d think would fit any size picture someone might upload, so that tells me, it’s a server/config issue. Standby, we’re looking into it!
Any progress?
I just attempted pic upload again, problem persists with 12.6 mp pic.
Actually it takes 50 mp, but defaults to 12.6 mp.

Ok, so this web server is limited to less than the default pic quality of current top line phone cameras? And, this web server software lacks ability to automatically resize pics to a size deemed acceptable for the server? What size limit is in place for pic uploads on this site?
OK, could someone who had a problematic image try it now? I may have fixed it.
OK, the problem wasn't with XenForo but rather that when I put up the new site the PHP had smaller upload limits.