It flies again


Oct 8, 2012
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Rod Lewis Restorations has completed their eight year journey of mechanically restoring the Lockheed Constellation that was the personal aircraft of General Douglas MacArthur. The interior work comes next.

It's beautiful.

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General Douglas MacArthur's personal airplane, a VC-121A Lockheed Constellation has been restored and returned to flying status.

The civilian equivalent is an L-749 Constellation. By returning to the air, this increases the number of airworthy Constellations from 2 to 3.
Very cool! Love that sound.
I wonder how the crew got rated in the Connie.
The FAA has a Speciality Aircraft Examiner Branch that handles these requirement. Search vintage aircraft examiners on the FAA site and it should take you to more info.
A 50% increase!
There's a plan / rumor / hope / wishful thinking that it will go to Oshkosh this year. Seeing that fly would be quite something, indeed!