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    Air Box Carb Heat Flap Loose

    A Gary said; a Monel rivet is required. Cherry max would be a poor choice is this application. If anyone thinks that this repair is time intensive and co$tly then check out a new one. Ignoring this or an improper repair may have terrible consequences.
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    Cessna 172P Gear Leg Shake On Takeoff

    A word of caution here for Piper People: The Bearing Nut is Not Symmetrical and the Cotter Pin hole is closer to one end. I’ve seen folks reverse the Nut and try to line up the Pin Hole. This results in Very Loose wheels. fyi- This was discovered at the Annual and it had flown that way many...
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    Cessna 172P Gear Leg Shake On Takeoff

    Some folks do not preload bearings as they believe it will allow easier rotation. Lack of preload may also allow the Bearing Races to move in the wheel which utimately means you need a new wheel. Just because it is PM does not mean Not Important !
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    Cessna 172P Gear Leg Shake On Takeoff

    Ref Dan#10 2 nd para says it ALL. A few nut plates can enable inspection and repair. 3rd para says the consequences of not having those nut plates. Jacking aircraft is not w/o possible consequences.. When was the last time someone was able to shake the MLG on YOUR aircraft? Did it happen?
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    Cessna 172P Gear Leg Shake On Takeoff

    +. My intent is that ALL aircraft should have a provision to jack them.
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    PA28/32 Wing Spar AD - Show me the data!

    NDT/stats are not my forte. My question is whether other factors have been ignored. I know of one Archer that sort of “ bruised” the plastic tip. The aircraft continued to be flown. It was later determined the the wing tip could be moved fore and aft. “Further investigation revealed” that...
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    Cessna 172P Gear Leg Shake On Takeoff

    Too bad Cessna and some others do not have provisions for Jack Pads on the wings. I believe every Cherokee has this important feature. Improper jacking can result in Major Damage,
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    Cessna 172P Gear Leg Shake On Takeoff

    One of the most overlooked items during Inspections is the security of the Main Landing Gear.Some aircraft are not easy to jack ( Cessna is one) so it may be “ overlooked”. I met a relatively low time Cessna with the tube slightly loose in the fuselage fitting. Cessna would not give me...
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    How to R&R cylinder on Lycoming

    To my knowledge no one has mentioned “ Choke” or “ Straight Bore”. This is important when checking ring gaps. There is no ALWAYS. Or NEVER with aircraft engines. Don’t rely on the “ Big Guys” to necessarily do this correctly. This is what Service data is for and is the responsibility of the...
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    Is it mandatory to perform a new weight and balance after a paint job?

    You may want to talk to your IA re control balancing. Most likely he/ she will want a written entry on this. Without it you could wind up pulling controls at next Annual.
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    Is it mandatory to perform a new weight and balance after a paint job?

    There are 2 topics here: W&B of the aircraft and balancing of flight controls Assure your agreement with the shop addresses this.
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    panel light vacuum switch

    Note some Mooneys and Archers used vacuum activated switches to monitor condition.Possibly one one the Stand- bu systems as well?
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    How to R&R cylinder on Lycoming

    I don’t know if it was stated how 20/80 was determined. Running and preferably flying can change the reading. No comments on metal , fouled plugs , mag drop , static rpm? Maybe just fly somewhere where an experienced Tech can do?
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    How to R&R cylinder on Lycoming

    Dan illustrated my point perfectly. The information in SI 1029 D supersedes the SM and should be used. Now look at Part II - Note There is a requirement that you SIMULTANEOUSLY tighten both ends of the through stud. Usually entails disassembly on the other side of the engine.How often do...
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    How to R&R cylinder on Lycoming

    The Manual does not tell the entire tale. There are numerous do’s and don’ts that are addressed via Service Bulletins, Letters and Instructions. Well meaning folks often use techniques that cause failures later. You want to know this BEFORE cylinder removal. Torque Plates after its off...
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    Mechanic’s insurance

    At one time PAMA had a “Defense Only” insurance Policy. There was money to pay attorney fees but no pot of gold at the end. I felt it was well worthwhile.
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    Private Sale or Broker?

    Many of the brokers copy all aircraft records so they are available on line. To me; that means the Pre Buy starts before traveling.
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    Whiskey compass don't like G's

    Magnetic Compass Repair Stations can be quite small. A local one was located on a Card Table. It easily held all Work Orders, Tech Data , Parts , Fluid and Tools.
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    gear leg protector?

    My belief is the use of tape and “ decorative coatings” should be evaluated post - install on airfoil surfaces. First I’d like to state I am a fan of Prop- Guard as it reduces stone damage. Second bud tells of 182’s and others that had sub-par climb performance after painting span-wise...
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    Would cranking for 10 seconds with the mixture in idle cut off pre oil the engine?

    Any type of pre-oil should include the cylinders. Per Salty ; I remove plugs to do so after an overhaul or sitting. This also permits squirting oil UP to lube cylinder walls. Most engines I can Oil Pressure in the Green via hand prop alone. This is to assure the passages are filled with...