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  1. Salty

    Radios becoming unusable - interference from engine.

    Or maybe you shouldn't because I'm snarky. Spend a bunch of money fixing it.
  2. Salty

    Radios becoming unusable - interference from engine.

    If you haven't checked your squelch, you seriously should.
  3. Salty

    Radios becoming unusable - interference from engine.

    Translated. You guys suck, so answer my question.
  4. Salty

    Radios becoming unusable - interference from engine.

    I once complained about my audio panel hissing after some avionics work. Turned out the squelch got turned up and it was my mic. I was 100% convinced it was interference from something when revving the engine. Nope, just the engine noise keying up my mic.
  5. Salty

    Declared an emergency today

    My IA says to use the thickest wire that’ll fit in the hole. Seems like a good way to approach it to me.
  6. Salty

    Tips for Smooth Landings and Community Insights

    Don’t aim for the runway. Aim for the center line at a specific point. I see too many pilots letting the plane decide where it’s going to land.
  7. Salty

    Repeated Runway Incursions - Suggestions?

    At my airport there are days where more cars and golf cars drive on the runway than aircraft. It’s not a big deal unless he’s not exercising appropriate caution when he’s doing it.
  8. Salty

    engine out, reducing drag

    Other than a few cringy ways he said things at the beginning, the video accurately represents my experiences and conveys useful, accurate information.
  9. Salty

    engine out, reducing drag

    I’ve had my engine quit and I didn’t know it. Absolutely a thing. I’ve also shut down an engine intentionally and tried to stop the prop. Almost to the point of stall and no joy, still windmilled. Would not recommend wasting time attempting it. Fly best glide and work the problem.
  10. Salty

    A revolutionary way to fly a helicopter (and soon planes?)

    I’m glad I lived in an age where you have to do things for yourself. I’m a software developer and I still enjoy writing my own automation for things, but using someone else’s that does things in a way I would not is not fun for me. Boring.
  11. Salty

    What's wrong with a dutch roll in a passenger jet?

    Come on down!
  12. Salty

    Sat 6/15/2024 - naked women, free beer and everyone gets a puppy

    If I didn't need to work on the plane this weekend, I'd come just to spoil your party.
  13. Salty

    What's wrong with a dutch roll in a passenger jet?

    I know that.
  14. Salty

    What's wrong with a dutch roll in a passenger jet?

    I’ve never understood the rolling on a heading thing. How is it not just a slip? And how can that possibly help you learn to turn coordinated, when it’s the very definition of uncoordinated. I mean, yeah for a second you need to be coordinated, but if you hold that bank, you have to go...
  15. Salty

    Bose / Zulu 3 side to side comparison

    Interesting so far. Some context. I bought a helmet with built in Zulu's. I've been using Bose for years. The Zulu in the helmet sucks. I mean not just a little worse than the Bose, it's so bad that it's almost better with the ANR turned off completely. And the fit seems fine. I'm going to...
  16. Salty

    Bose / Zulu 3 side to side comparison

    Please only respond if you've tried them both in a running aircraft side by side. Also, please ignore fit issues, if one didn't feel good or fit right, don't respond if you feel it impacted the headsets performance, or ignore that part of the equation if you don't think it mattered.
  17. Salty

    Jim Weir VOR Splitter Coax Cable Question

    Stop using fingers! Posted on Jim's behalf.
  18. Salty

    How important is switching to Apple OS?

    Using android instead of apple because of their politics is a very misinformed stance IMO.
  19. Salty

    Bill Anders, Apollo 8 astronaut, crashes in Puget Sound

    They skipped off the water.
  20. Salty

    Not an emergency, but a lesson learned

    @Jim_R 's emergency thread inspired me to share. Unfortunately, my story is of how I didn't do what I should have, unlike his, but still a learning opportunity. Took the Nanchang out yesterday and on taxi, I had my headset off and remarked to my copilot "I hear hissing". He agrees. This plane...