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    Best Way to Ship PA28 Seats Across Country

    I had a VW engine shipped from Washington to Iowa using Amtrak It has a lot of limitations, but the service was available to me, so I used it.
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    Resume Building Jobs

    While I'm not a pilot, this hasn't been my experience in the workforce at all. Network and never assume someone else understands the work you've done to deliver or do any specific thing. It's not always/almost never obvious to the outside.
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    Day trips after arrival

    Thanks. I’d be in ga camping unless I buy a plane before then, not sure how I’d convince them to get back to my spot or would I need to tear down and start Over?
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    Day trips after arrival

    If I fly in to the event, how feasible or sensible is it to leave and plan to come back? As in, if I flew in, set up camp, stayed a day or two, is a day trip to go pick up family and bring them in at all feasible? I can see it working from KFLD perhaps, and maybe a person can get out of KOSH...
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    Pre Buy Inspection - Who generally pays for moving the plane?

    Everything is negotiable. Ask for what you want. Be prepared for a counter offer. I will say, relocation involves risk and it’s in neither parties interest to assume it in this case.
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    Oshkosh 2024 - Who's going?

    Which days won't have the required thunderstorms? :D Got a new tent after last year killed my 25 year old Eureka.
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    Forgetting to switch tanks

    I bet someone else has forgotten or the G3X in the PA28 I last flew in wouldn't have a GIANT POP UP that said "Change Tanks now" Your question might morph from "What trendy safe sport can I take up that won't be as likely to kill me?" to "What processes can I put into place that turn switching...
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    How accurate are garmin avionics?

    *laugh* Former engineering teaching assistant - this is specifically one of the points taught in the experimental engineering class I taught in. Not much of an argument in my class. You either knew it or you went into sales :D
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    The amazing cryogenic JPI EDM 930

    as for point 2- All the signals could be biased by whatever method they're using to handle the cold junction compensation. This to me is far more probable than a grounding issue. The...
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    Training has stalled. Advice sought. What would you do in my position?

    Are you able to safety pilot for anyone where you are? It has it's uses, although I learned the hard way to not fly with anyone that was just trying to get out of learning with a CFII.
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    Training has stalled. Advice sought. What would you do in my position?

    If you have the cash flow, it seems like you could start some of the required dual for commercial now. I will say I thought flying recreationally to places I wanted to go taught me more than an equally low time cfi building time for their atp was going to teach me, but maybe it’s heresy to say that…
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    Training has stalled. Advice sought. What would you do in my position?

    We have a very active club on field, and *had*, at another FBO, the ability to do TW work. Very few people did this - and I think you're own story highlights it- because the endorsement is not part of the time building track. I don't fully understand the price sensitivity to time building, but...
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    fltplan go

    While I can't speak to how feasible it is for an employer supplied situation, the Foreflight license is good for multiple devices. Fltpln Go includes georeferenced approach plates, something the folks at Boeing are charging extra for on top of the base FF subscription.
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    So I just bought a crate of Liquid Death

    I had glanced through the rules- weren't the post cards required to be handwritten?
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    If you own a truck and live in the rust belt.

    Body on my 16 F150 is fine. Spots of surface rust on the steel frame underneath. Got tired of watching all my vehicles disappear from the rockers up, so I waited for the 2nd year of aluminum bodies and 150k later, no regrets. My 2005 Saabaru has lost substantial chunks of metal to the rust...
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    How accurate are garmin avionics?

    So basically once it gets some g force pointing in the same direction on its accelerometers long enough, it resets its attitude calculation errors…
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    How accurate are garmin avionics?

    I think you'd want to talk about how it performs in specific scenarios since the attitude sensing works, at least partially, by integrating the rate gyro and accelerometer signals - which will make the accuracy time variant. The ADC items- airspeed, altitude, are a lot easier since they can...
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    LNAV vs LP approaches?

    Thanks for sharing that video. It's good they showed the guidance differences. It's probably secondary to what they wanted to show, but you wouldn't pick the approach based on your GPS, you'd pick your approach on your ability to fly the required climb gradient to fly the missed. So I guess...
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    LNAV vs LP approaches?

    The AIM has some good discussion on LP vs LPV. I’m on the tail end of instrument checkride prep and wish I’d just read the AIM more in some cases vs other secondary sources. And the price is right.
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    LNAV vs LP approaches?

    Did the article also happen to reiterate that the lateral guidance functions differently between the two? Fixed lateral guidance vs angular guidance?