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  1. kayoh190

    Daily Pic

    I usually don't post work stuff to PoA, but my daughter got to fly with me for the first time the other day. Very fun, especially since it was Mom that had to deal with a 2 year old for the 7 or so hours to Madrid. :p
  2. kayoh190

    <na> golden years plan

    In-home is the plan, and my retirement calculations include money to handle it. I don't consider it my kid(s?)'s responsibility to deal with it, but in a way they kind of are since the estate will (I assume) go to them when we're gone, and that nut will be however much smaller as a result.
  3. kayoh190

    It flies again

    Very cool! Love that sound.
  4. kayoh190

    Glider pilot bails out

    Did he have a GoPro and a YouTube channel? ;)
  5. kayoh190

    What temperature do you like your bedroom?

    We thought about it, but with the condo's smaller size (about 1000sqft) being what it is, we figured it was just easier to lower the temp a few degrees than have another appliance around. Once we move somewhere with more space, that'll definitely be an option.
  6. kayoh190

    What temperature do you like your bedroom?

    Humidity is my issue - sometimes I need the temperature cranked down to keep the humidity in check. So at my place, that can be as low as 74 degrees.
  7. kayoh190

    RIP Alan Arkin

    Different dude! That was Adam. :)
  8. kayoh190

    Favorite aviation museums for civil/transport aircraft?

    Not the location you're looking for, but the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle is awesome.
  9. kayoh190

    RIP Alan Arkin

    I only knew of him in his later years, but fantastic actor. RIP.
  10. kayoh190

    Delta nose drags at CLT

    I am the CLT commander!!!
  11. kayoh190

    Do airline crews tell you their names anymore?

    We have a canned briefing strip that the FAs have access to, and it lists our names. You can usually tell the junior ones, because they just read from the strip and therefore let everyone know who we are. :)
  12. kayoh190

    How to present Aviation?

    Yeah, but it's one helluva bus.
  13. kayoh190

    Do airline crews tell you their names anymore?

    Hahaha - I'm glad the Captain was game. You should have Ed show you the video sometime.
  14. kayoh190

    the EKG

    Question for the AMEs here - is there official guidance from the FAA on what the heart rate needs to be for the EKG to be accepted? I've had two different AMEs have me wait until my heart rate was below 90 before sending, which quite honestly isn't easy for me. It's like being told not to think...
  15. kayoh190

    the EKG

    My biggest problem with the EKG is getting my heart rate down enough to take the test (my resting heart rate is fine). The above post is exactly the reason why. Having decent LTD (or a solid plan B) is nice to have in your back pocket when the ability to put food on the table depends on this test.
  16. kayoh190

    Chicago to Alaska via Piper Arrow

    Fantastic! Looking forward to the writeup and lots of pictures. :)
  17. kayoh190

    WingX database download 6/15 (2306) available?

    Not sure what's normal - I only update before I go fly, which is unfortunately rarely enough that typically an update is always required.
  18. kayoh190

    WingX database download 6/15 (2306) available?

    Nothing for me yet.
  19. kayoh190

    Final Report: MYF Falcon 900 mishap

    Back in my corporate days, there was a pretty well known Challenger operator whose owner would reposition the airplanes on his own - no type, just him. Lots of trash out there in the 135 ranks, but that was definitely the worst I've seen.
  20. kayoh190

    AI drones - probably not best idea.

    A Porno for Pyros reference. Nice!