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  1. schmookeeg

    ForeFlight iPad Notice

  2. schmookeeg

    New to Aviation. How do you Request permission to Takeoff/Land?

    What's that TSA hotline number again? I can never remember it when I need to. :D
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    A&P hourly wage.

    I didnt say it would be adequate. :) I have trouble sourcing all manner of contractor right now. Restaurant waits are high with a half-empty dining room. Morons are preparing my espresso drinks incorrectly. I think I could find a willing A&P before a willing plumber. Especially if i am...
  4. schmookeeg

    A&P hourly wage.

    Sorry, the whingeing about "hobbyist" or "below market" pilots/mechanics has always been odd to me. Aviation is WAY cooler than crawling up some karen's backed-up plumbing, driving the trash truck around, or trying to correctly make me a mocha lava java latte with extra firm foam. Supply will...
  5. schmookeeg

    A&P hourly wage.

    THAT must have been the question I missed on the General exam :D
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    This is what happens when KSQL closes for a month...

    Yep. Hopefully that grouchcan controller at SQL gets the month off to remember why he's in a public service job. I was gonna fly over tomorrow evening for a social event but I bet the ramp at PAO is a double-stuft oreo cookie right now. Not that that's much different than normal. :D
  7. schmookeeg

    Remote towers - doomed?

    I can't wait to key tower freq from 10 out and get the indian call center. "Please to be joining the downwindow on the left, kindly revert when within the 2 miles"
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    **** Cancer

    You're one of the posters here who I read as a rule and whose commentary I enjoy when I encounter it. I don't have words to even comprehend your loss. I'm sorry.
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    Solution: More cameras

    "like bullying" ugh :rolleyes:
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    This awesome airplane is not right for you if you need to see the logbooks

    Everyone wins when the seller chooses early to show the amount of asspain they are willing to inflict on the transaction. Buy it from his widow at 25 cents on the dollar. :D
  11. schmookeeg

    Plexus Shortage

    I wonder if there is a commensurate 5% increase in available gooberment services and handouts to go with that chart above. It didn't get a mention in the article.
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    Cleaning GAMI injectors

    I use hoppes in a little jewelry cleaner from HFT designed for the purpose. Smells pleasant, so doubles as a hangar "pine tree" air freshener :) I limit the clean to a few minutes as I understand the hoppes can attack the injector brass? I rinse them in 100LL before reinstalling into position.
  13. schmookeeg

    GDL50 Port Outlet type?

    Haha, get out of my head. :) I've been considering a USB-C pigtail like this and soldering it up and if I send my box in for yet another repair, it's going to be something like this, with slack inside of the box...
  14. schmookeeg

    GDL50 Port Outlet type?

    I am aware of the bare-wire version and the "cigar lighter" adapter version, which I use. Both are ridiculously priced around $75 or so. I havne't seen the bare-wire for sale in awhile, but it's out there I bet. This is the one I use...
  15. schmookeeg

    GDL50 Port Outlet type?

    This is what happens to the thing:
  16. schmookeeg

    GDL50 Port Outlet type?

    that is a broken off port. You can either charge using the Garmin data cable on the opposite side, or have it re-soldered. I have done my port 3x now and have just given up, it's not a durable design and garmin won't fix it. I've used those phone repair iFixit type businesses for the repairs...
  17. schmookeeg

    Reno midair

    Welcome to the board I guess.
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    School me, what is the appeal of Land Rovers?

    Exactly. You wouldn't believe how many tacticool land rovers and 4runners stuck in sand/mud I've passed with my disposable and lighter weight subaru mom-wagon.
  19. schmookeeg

    Commercial airline boarding

    Nor do I require the hot-buttered falsehood about the condition that allows them to skip down the jetway impersonating someone hale and healthy and sans assistance. But neither am I fooled.
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    Commercial airline boarding

    This drives me insane at Oakland, as the pre-board line can run 20-30 deep now for SWA and only 2 or 3 wheelchairs. The whole point of preboard is that you need assistance down the jetway. I assume these miscreants would have been part of the "jesus flight" number, and are just saving the...