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    Blue Angels IMAX

    I saw it on one of the mini-imax screens in a regular cinema The one shot that I appreciated being on a large screen was the tight diamond formation near the end... I think they were calling in Yankee Formation. I've of course read and seen other references to the 18 inch separation....and I've...
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    Proper VFR Flight Following Call

    back in the day's when we'd actually call FSS ...with a wired file a flight plan, there was a way to ask for this... I can't recall exactly what I'd ask for, but they would tag it in the when calling for VFR flight following they'd already have a "strip" printed and ready...
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    High Altitude Flight test

    I don't think a pulse oximeter will help you to detect CO one example found in a google search: still, I think it's a good idea to keep it handy and check your O2 saturations once in a while
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    Blue Angels IMAX

    yeah I knew that.... I've seen other documentaries before as well as some reading and interviews about it. The gist as I understand it is that before every flight they find a private place and do the eyes closed chair fly of the entire flight. Then they go fly the show. Then after, they go...
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    Blue Angels IMAX

    I saw it Sunday with my kids, in one of the min-imax theaters....not the full real deal big screen. but yeah, it was good. Some really great shots there. I was reaching for the re-wind button there a couple of times.... wanted to have another look to drill into the detail! Like for example...
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    BasicMed expansion?

    just spit ballin' here...maybe Marth Lunken, or something similar???
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    Bud Anderson

    I hope that he rests in peace. I consider it a blessing that I had the chance to hear him and Yeager speak at Airventure, and watched the two of them fly P-51's painted in the likeness of their WW2 planes. I think it was in 2002. As I recall they flew a couple of times that week....they'd...
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    N/A calling Calculator Nerds - what's the best graphing calculator these days?

    well this is interesting... maybe he's right and doesn't need one! I have never really needed a graphing calculator myself..... but I guess this old dinosaur just thought that's where everything went. I guess it did...a few decades ago....but has mostly moved on! Thinking about it now, I...
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    N/A calling Calculator Nerds - what's the best graphing calculator these days?

    in my short bit of research last night that one seemed to be the TI unit of choice.... I just couldn't tell if that was true as a "student level" or a no holds top tier professional level thing....
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    N/A calling Calculator Nerds - what's the best graphing calculator these days?

    yeah...the batteries in my 11C lasted forever too. My 35S batteries go a long time too but not nearly as long as those older ones (maybe 2-3 years of heavy use, I don't keep track) that 20S... looks funny to my HP with an equals button. what is that???
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    N/A calling Calculator Nerds - what's the best graphing calculator these days?

    I'm talking university level and beyond..not HS
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    N/A calling Calculator Nerds - what's the best graphing calculator these days?

    OK, I know there are some calculator nerds here, I remember some discussions in the past.... I'm wondering..... today, what is considered to be the absolute top-tier best scientific calculator these days? most accurate, fast processor, best function and logic, and whatever else is 'best' as if...
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    Looking for destination recommendations for mid-June

    I've thought for a long time that someday I'd like to visit Mackinac Island. Depending on where in FL, that's about 1,000 SM straight line.... I really enjoyed my visit a few years back by airline and rental car, to Door County, WI....and I've seen a few things that lead me to believe there are...
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    Where does the FAA find your medical info from?

    In one small way, I wish there was some single standard database, from which I could pull a report for "ALL medical visits since a particular date. This is the thing that gives me the most heartburn about ever going in for another FAA medical. I qualify for basic med and it's been quite some...
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    Pocket knife: Weird or normal?

    I'm 57 and had carried a pocket knife of some form or another since I was a teenager. Like the OP' I'd surrendered a few of them at unexpected metal detectors....and also stashed a few in the bushes or someplace for later retrieval. I do think that the premise that it's "weird" is becoming...
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    GPS Direct to fix, homing vs track

    I think this is a great question. Something I've wondered about before too, in a theoretical camfire discussion kind of way..... I find a lot of this discussion to be a little ...well pendantic I'd be very curious for a controller or three to chime in with their comments...and from different...
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    The death of an insitution

    Honestly, as it is, I'm surprised it's still going at all. The program is a sad shell of what it is supposed to be. I was a Cub Scout all the way through to WEBELOS then we I never did WEBLOS. Later I joined a BS troop for a year or so. This was back in the 1980's...just I didn't...
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    DPE PPL price

    so about $500 to $900 for a PPL initial ride sidebar question - what's the going rate for PPL add ons or other rides seaplane add on? add on for something like a gyroplane rotorcraft? Instrument rating? multi add on? or upgrade to commercial? etc...
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    Building kits and spreading the purchase price over time?

    I guess that's kinda the crux of what I was getting at originally... I kinda look at it as three major purchases...really four 1) the kit or raw materials for the airframe 2) the engine 3) the avionics 4) paint and other "stuff" so the avionics it seems by the input here, is that this is...
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    Building kits and spreading the purchase price over time?

    Honestly, I don't have a philosophical issue with hiring out the inspection anyway.... with almost everything it's good to get another set of eyes on it once in a while.... so and I understand correctly that an EAB non-building owner can also do modifications in addition to maintenance?.... say...