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    FAQ: DUI's and alcohol/drug abuse

    You can be turned into a newt provided you get better.
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    limitations on medical

    Must where amplification is one of the lamest restrictions. It's even less bothersome than the "must use corrective lenses" one. I have the same one on my medical. Keep your hearing aids in or wear your headset.
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    Why are Rotax engines limited to 150/160hp?

    Maybe Textron's new piston jets would be able to use these :)
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    Final out on N928JP

    In Idaho, it is trespassing if you enter the property of another without permission, knowing or with reason to know that his presence is not permitted. That's possibly arguable. It much depends on the presence of signs, fences, warnings, etc... One you take something from the property...
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    Final out on N928JP

    It's hardly "ad hominem" when the NTSB doesn't mention any person in their report, just the light was stolen (which is not under dispute).
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    Final out on N928JP

    It's trespassing whether they "secured" the scene or not. Actually, in this case under Idaho law, it's burglary. The NTSB doesn't have the resources to go surround the entire perimeter from interlopers. That's usually done by the local constabulary. On minor accidents like this, you're...
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    Does AvGas 100LL hurt paint?

    That's the advantage of flying a dark blue plane. I didn't really notice the CorrosionX weeping out the seams much either.
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    Colorado Rockies Hitting Coach In Pilot Seat

    Hensley, do you like movies about gladiators?
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    Bad aviation journalism thread

    Sounds more intelligent than Textron management.
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    Pursing Career as a commercial pilot at 27 with DUI.

    Unless you get deemed rehabilitated. Not that big of a thing if you know about it in advance.
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    What have I done? Crazy old woman musings

    I'm kind of a hack piano player having started on guitar and transitioned to accordion and a brief diversion on trumpet. I still tend to fake the piano left hand based on the chords because of the first two instruments.
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    HIMS process hell

    I don't think they can against individuals (and small businesses).
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    What have I done? Crazy old woman musings

    Ann Wilson has been out in the sun far too much.
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    What have I done? Crazy old woman musings

    No accordions, bagpipes or harmonicas?
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    HIMS process hell

    The FAA (thankfully) can't put people in jail. It would take a real (US District) court rather than the kangaroo court of the FAA enforcement.
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    Let's not forget the rolly things, boys

    Margy's instructor said that he told a woman that if she advanced the throttle slightly that beeping would stop.
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    Let's not forget the rolly things, boys

    On most of those models, there was a SB to you get a light and sound when you have full flaps or low throttle setting set and the gear isn't down.
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    Which torque wrench?

    The prop on my plane wanted to have the retainer nut torqued to 400 ft-lbs. The tightening device is a 1" square steel bar that fits through the slots in the nut. I hung Margy at 3' out on the bar to provide the right amount of torque.
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    psychiatrist or HIMS psychiatrist

    Newly created accounts don't get to start conversations. He had a run in with guys creating accounts and spamming existing members of the board via PMs. George can start a convo with aviationenthusiast if he wishes.