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    Cessna 140 Tips, Tricks, Habits

    Not specific to the 140, but my early instructors in J 3 Cubs insisted on keeping the tail light to reduce wear on the very small tailwheel. As a student in the rear seat, I had no brakes, so keeping the tail off the runway until quite slow, then gently lowering while still moving was a safe...
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    Altitude over I-70

    Out near Denver and the mountains, 400 pounds of passengers and full fuel. Cessna 172 with 160 hp engine. At 12,500 feet, ran into a 500 plus rate of descent and went to full throttle, leaned to max rpm, max rate of climb air speed and still had more than a 200 fpm descent. This continued for...
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    "Wing comes apart in the air" - yes, more hyperbole

    You have to wonder what hit that to produce such ragged damage, assuming it is aluminum.
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    Suspected Carb Ice...Rare Magneto Failure

    Carb heat test in dusty places. Yes, the air is not filtered, but if you have just done a proper mag check, most of the dust has blown away, so lack of filtration is not as important as if you were taxiing. As Dan Thomas explains, keep the heat on long enough to clear the ice, and ANY...
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    Fixing an old Weber kettle grill

    An old thread brought back to life for good reasons. Great repair, good as new, or better. No unnecessary trash in the landfill, and the "new grill" functions exactly as the old one did. One less import from China, too.
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    Taxi out of the hanger - ride the breaks while pulling on the yolk until it jumps the chalks

    AV8R_87 stirring thin soup again. Many of these miss spellings are the result of AutoCorrect changing what we type. AI learning aviation terminology and function from UTUBE content will make it even worse. Fortunately, the FAA has no power to police such matters, and AV8R_87 is not in power...
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    "Inspected oil filter, found no metal" - myth or reality?

    Dan is completely right here. My term of putting the cylinder on a lathe is wrong, it is a honing machine. As he says, the wear particles are normally in the molecular size, and on the magnet, a fine paste. Thank you for weighing in with the usual detailed facts from a career of maintaining...
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    "Inspected oil filter, found no metal" - myth or reality?

    One of the big things here is the clearly visible bits of metal that do not get sucked up by the oil pump, and just lie on the bottom of the crank case. Some of that flushes out with the oil change, and for a while we had a magnet in the bottom of our plastic oil change bucket, but it got lost...
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    New case against flight tracking

    T.S. should simply keep secret just where and when her concerts are going to be, and announce in the morning where the ticketholders should appear. Then no crazies would know in time to endanger her. Getting the time of arrival from flight tracking is too little advance notice to make a move...
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    Take your A320 Off-Roading :-)

    It looks to me as if a couple of panels fell off the bottom of the fuselage. I wonder if that caused the bad landing? Sarcasm, of course.
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    "Inspected oil filter, found no metal" - myth or reality?

    Nit pickers stay away from my "facts" they are very loosely assembled. AV8R_87 is making some radically wrong assumptions. First, the engine is rebuilt when the cylinders have a lot of potential life in them. When the rings are worn enough to cause low compression, the cylinders can be...
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    Provide ATIS code to ground for taxiback?

    I wonder if the change from Delta to Echo was the reason for the question. If you had Delta, and there was a change that impacted the taxi route, he needed to know that you DID NOT know.
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    Limited ROM in Left Knee / Options / Considerations / Private Pilot Candidate

    I have reduced mobility in my legs, due to old age. Low wing planes are very difficult to get back out of. High wing is basically no problem in the more common varieties. Pre flight is generally easier too, with the exception of fuel tank visual check for full. I used a short folding ladder...
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    FAA Tells Pilots To Go Analogue As GNSS ‘Spoofing’ Incidents Increase

    We can put the LORAN back in our plane, it was donated to the Collège Park MD aviation museum. Just ask for it back!
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    Density Altitude hit 9k ft

    70% rated manifold pressure at the air density will near give rated RPM from the engine, and rated HP. The stall speed is reduced since the more dense air produces more lift at a given speed. The cruise speed, as the drag goes up by the density, goes down. With the lower stall speed, the take...
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    Density Altitude hit 9k ft

    Operate the engine at 70% of normal manifold pressure, get normal horse power.
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    Masters of the Air--coming to Apple TV

    CGI, and not CGI from the Memphis Belle movie, which both my wife and I very much enjoyed. There was an internal set of expert critics who passed on each segment of the movie, as it was filmed. They called out a B 24 crash scene as too garish fires, too violent ground sliding action, and...
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    Flying public indicates desire for fully-assembled aircraft

    The panel in question is to cover up the important bolts that keep the wings attached. Aerodynamic, and cosmetic, but even if the whole panel went missing, the plane would be safe to fly. Emotions being what they are, and bad publicity so damaging, the only "safe" choice the airline had was to...
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    Charged With DUI When I Wasn’t Driving

    A neighbor of mine gave up on driving his car home, and was walking down a street, when a cop drove up. The cop thought that he would get hit by a car if he continued zig zagging down the middle of the street, and drove him to his home. The cop also relieved him of his car keys, and gave him a...
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    Revoked license.

    "I had a medical appointment, and had to fly to it". Perhaps his driving license had been revoked for some valid reason, so he could not drive? And the CFI's found about it? There is a lot missing here, as others have said.