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  1. Kelvin

    N/A, FM antenna question, FM neck-loop

    I am a dealer for Listen. Decent gear. Great support. Don't hesitate to call them for insight. My 2 cents worth: Move the antenna to a more favorable location by extending the coax.
  2. Kelvin

    Piper High Wing AD

    This is an interesting AD. This may very well be a duplicate so forgive me it it is! EAA Press Release Global Air Article NTSB
  3. Kelvin

    Henning gone west

    I was there for at least one of these! I met Henning a few times over the years. Interesting guy with real bonafides.
  4. Kelvin

    Henning gone west

    Getting old isn't for the timid!
  5. Kelvin

    Plane crash on FL freeway

    Dash cam footage of the plane still airborne. Facebook Link
  6. Kelvin

    Piper M700 Fury

    Yay! These are nice planes...hope them sell a ton of them!
  7. Kelvin

    PC 12 Down off of NC Coast

    I have not forgotten it. I did Audio Visual for the owners funeral...he was from my hometown and from a rock solid family. The CVR is one of the worst things i have ever listened to...heartbreaking.
  8. Kelvin

    National Association of Realtors verdict.

    Your premise is accurate in my experience as well.
  9. Kelvin

    National Association of Realtors verdict.

    I read the first few paragraphs of the posted articIe. I am not so sure that the statement that commissions are non-neogitable is accurate. Maybe the qualifier is in the 'timing' of the negotiation....I just don't know. What I DO know is that I have built, bought and sold quite a bit of real...
  10. Kelvin

    HIMS AME told me to not report

    My advice: Since you want to fly as a the long game...not the short game. One further thing: Read post #4. Vet before Med Express goes live. That is rock solid advice.
  11. Kelvin

    Alaska Airlines explosive decompression 1/5/23

    It seems the missing door has been located. The article I read also said that two cell phones were that still worked.
  12. Kelvin

    Person jumps from aircraft landing at RDU

    The NTSB report is out.
  13. Kelvin

    For Sale Anybody still use halogen PAR-36 bulbs?

    Don't toss them. Someone will thank you! These lamps are quickly approaching the EOL. We used PAR 56 and PAR 64s for decades in live entertainment. They are very hard to get.
  14. Kelvin

    Starter bush plane, help me spend my money

    I like this plane...lots of value here for the money... Well within budget with lots of room left to customize...
  15. Kelvin

    Piper Rudder AD comment time ends soon.

    If I were soliciting comments, I might consider including a link. That may not be your may be selling rudder pedals! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  16. Kelvin

    Precipitation intensity

    I have wondered if these returns have any sort of vertical component or are they showing a cumulative return from the bottom of the radar coverage to the top. i have flown in clear air over red areas on NEXRAD...more than once... Anyone have informed insight into this?
  17. Kelvin

    5W5 airport South of Raleigh

    Avoid at all costs. KHRJ and KTTA are options...
  18. Kelvin

    Need recommendation for good GA airport near Greensboro NC

    Look at Causey too... KBUY really is a cool place as others have said...
  19. Kelvin

    Jet Transport for Stroke Patient

    The guys I recommended have a different MO. They send MD or RN level providers as appropriate to escort the patient. They both charter AND fly commercial, usually first class. They have had seats removed off of Part 121 aircraft to get stretchers in. They supply any and all; medical equipment...
  20. Kelvin

    Jet Transport for Stroke Patient

    Sounds about right. These guys have moved kings, queens and Grammy winners....