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  1. Half Fast

    Dealing with a crisis(?) of confidence

    Pretty normal. At the moment, you're comparing yourself to an imagined standard of perfection. Fly with some other folks and you'll become more realistic. Go up with me once or twice and you'll begin to consider yourself an ace.
  2. Half Fast

    Students are "Learners" now...........

    I'm pretty sure it's wikipedia's fault.
  3. Half Fast

    Concerns about flying while using an SSRI.

    Or if the AME he consulted discloses it (and the AME is probably obligated to do so). Or if the FAA lurkers on POA ask the mods for the airman's IP address. Or if they query the Rx database. Or if..... Just how many mouse clicks do you think are required? Is it worth risking a felony...
  4. Half Fast

    Choosing the plane for Winter mountain trips

    Wouldn't it be simpler to just ski the way God intended?
  5. Half Fast

    FAA's Beef with ADHD

    Why should I pay for some other squirrel's medical tests??! The FAA only pays for anything by using tax dollars. That "they" you refer to is you and me, friend. I don't see how it's fair for me to pay for tests to keep some diabetic insomniac with clinical depression and a history of alcohol...
  6. Half Fast

    If I get a letter from AAM-300 and it’s a denial will they change my status in MedExpress?

    BTW - When I got my class 3, Bruce pointed out that the easiest time to get a physician to sign off on Basic Med is immediately after the FAA has deemed you fit to fly and while you hold an active medical clearance. Even though your medical won’t expire for a while, there may be some merit to...
  7. Half Fast

    Expressing appreciation to ATC

    Like beer.
  8. Half Fast

    FAA's Beef with ADHD

    And in that case, the choice is whether the pilot might commit suicide or might commit mass murder. Pretty obvious choice, if those are the only two options. I certainly don't know how to fix the situation, but it might be nice if mental health denial letters came packaged with some sort of...
  9. Half Fast

    What's Flying Like in Retirement?

    I don't think I can afford one of those; almost any insurance premium would be cheaper. (Besides, I'm quite content being married to the World's Cutest 4"11" Brunette and can barely afford her.)
  10. Half Fast

    What's Flying Like in Retirement?

    Flight Line Cafe
  11. Half Fast

    Wing sump

    No quick fix. It seems to me that whatever caused it to become stuck came from inside the tank, so I would want to pump the tank dry, then remove the part and inspect it and the tank.
  12. Half Fast

    Supreme Court: Chevron Deference

    Agreed. Even when they do, though, the agencies still twist and distort and stretch. Read how Congress defined “machine gun” then read about ATF’s actions against forced reset triggers. I believe it’s still bouncing around the courts.
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    What's Flying Like in Retirement?

    Especially this time of year when you can sit out on the patio and plane watch. Sebring is nice for that, too.
  14. Half Fast

    What's Flying Like in Retirement?

    Let me know if you ever drop into KGIF and we’ll grab a cup of coffee or something. (Or if you want to meet up somewhere, for that matter.)
  15. Half Fast

    This is why it's important to check NOTAMs

    If Disney holds true to form, they'll sue.....
  16. Half Fast

    What's Flying Like in Retirement?

    My last work day was in Nov 2020, and then I burned accrued PTO until official retirement in Feb 2021 at age 59. I got my Sport ticket and then my Private in the years leading up to retirement and rented LSAs and Pipers for a while. Bought a 1969 Beech B23 Musketeer in June 2021. Flying is...
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    Happy Holiday, POA!

    Good news! There’s now a 15C emulator for Android! “JRPN15C” Seems to work okay so far.
  18. Half Fast

    Toyota is right about EVs after all...

    Looks like a car Gene Roddenberry would design.
  19. Half Fast

    An elephant in the room: poor diet and lifestyle can lead to medical issues

    There’s some truth to that, but if that were the primary factor in every decision none of us would fly airplanes, ride motorcycles, drive race cars, or merge onto I-4.
  20. Half Fast

    Can an annual substitute for a pre-purchase inspection? If an annual is done before the due date do any maintenance issues need to be fixed?

    Different objectives. An annual assesses the condition of the plane at that moment and determines its airworthiness. A prebuy should go beyond that to inform the buyer so he can make a purchase decision, but it doesn’t determine airworthiness. For example, an annual might find all ADs current...