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  1. iamtheari

    What do you use to deice your plane

    Just don't take off with bugs and frost. Child protective services will come and take your airplane away if they catch you flying at Christmas with bugs from July still on the windshield.
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    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    I'm not so worried about that. But there are occasionally forum posts from people claiming to fly for the airlines and I desperately want to know which airline so I can make a more informed choice of which airline to entrust with my life.
  3. iamtheari

    What to do after a PPL?

    ND has a passport/jacket program. We have 89 public use airports and you also need to visit both air museums (KFAR and KMOT) and get signatures to show you have attended 3 FAA safety seminars. Only a couple of the airports were sketchy. As far as things you can do without wasting instruction or...
  4. iamtheari

    "He was such a good pilot..."

    I’d say it took 7-11 sumps to get to pure fuel, or maybe 6.5-10.5, depending on how much the student had drawn. One hopes that the CFI in question learned from that experience.
  5. iamtheari

    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    Same method as you use for deicing the plane? P.S. I met my weight loss goal by changing the scale to metric. I don’t know how many pounds are in a kilometer but I’m back to my seventh grade...
  6. iamtheari

    N850JH down @ KLDM 11/26/2023

    That was shortly after taking off with more people than seatbelts and ice all over the tail. This one looks a lot different than that, although there is one common denominator: Both flights were in extremely capable single-engine turboprops that can lure a pilot deep into a weather trap before...
  7. iamtheari

    What do you use to deice your plane

    A few years ago, I tried to find a small electric immersion heater to use with a garden sprayer but didn’t have the best luck in that quest. They do exist for things like livestock water tanks but getting one a manageable size is where I drew a blank.
  8. iamtheari

    One airframe with both single & twin-engine versions

    A Duke at takeoff and the same Duke upon landing.
  9. iamtheari

    One airframe with both single & twin-engine versions

    Champ and Lancer. I think the single performs better than the twin, even with one engine inoperative.
  10. iamtheari

    Help me find LiveATC archive

    That’s kind of what I’m expecting to learn but hoping against. Thanks for trying!
  11. iamtheari

    Help me find LiveATC archive

    I took screenshots showing the diversion.
  12. iamtheari

    Help me find LiveATC archive

    I’ll eventually dig it up when I get to a computer but that could be weeks, or even days!
  13. iamtheari

    The greatest invention in general aviation

    Christmas is right around the corner. The moderators will send you their list of airplanes and preferred wood species by PM.
  14. iamtheari

    Help me find LiveATC archive

    Does someone who’s good with LiveATC want to lend me a hand? I’m trying to find the Minneapolis Center and/or Fargo Approach conversation with Skywest 3804 when it diverted from Minot to Minneapolis around 11:30 pm Central Time on 11/15/23 (05:30 Zulu on 11/16/23). Whatever the reason was, this...
  15. iamtheari

    Strength of GA?

    GA is strong for me. My wife and I are trying to get to Hawaii today. We booked what eventually (through several schedule changes and phone calls) became a one-stop itinerary on Delta, leaving early in the morning from an airport 2 hours from our home. This involved spending almost $300 on a...
  16. iamtheari

    PA28 down near Gainesville, FL

    FlightAware shows me the following flights for this tail number: 11/6/2023: 1 hr flying southeast across Missouri 11/6/2023: 1/2 hr continuing southeast into Tennessee 11/6/2023: 1 hr flying southeast into Georgia 11/6/2023: 1-3/4 hrs continuing southeast to Gainesville, FL 11/9/2023: 1 hr...
  17. iamtheari

    D'oh!! checkride postponed

    I feel like the OP may have had a chance to finish his private pilot check ride at some point in the 18 years between starting this thread and resurrecting it this week. :)
  18. iamtheari

    D'oh!! checkride postponed

    Are you also 2 for 2 passing check rides? That is more important than the skullduggery necessary to get there.
  19. iamtheari

    Two more Apollo astronauts fly west

    Looks like Borman passed on 11/7. I didn’t see mention of it in the article linked above, but I had read (probably in an epilogue to the book about Apollo 8, which was a great read) that he not only kept flying but flew bird dogs for firefighting operations. None of the Mercury, Gemini, and...
  20. iamtheari

    Single Pilot Part 135

    This is me checking if the ancient faded formerly-white switch covers I replaced with fresh, color-coded covers are mentioned in the TCDS… I know you can buy a turnkey part 135 operation, or at least they come up for sale sometimes. But I doubt the single pilot kind would work that way—or at...