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  1. Mtns2Skies

    RFI from LED Lights

    I had significant RFI from just about any LED landing light(s) I installed. I ended up putting this on the circuit and it fixed any RFI issues:
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    Hangar cameras

    If you have WiFi, I use Wyze cameras. They're cheap and work well.
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    What do you use to deice your plane

    The world isn't black and white. It's all shades of gray. Do you fly with bugs on your wing? Do you declare an emergency if you have too many bugs build up on your airfoil? I could never 'recommend' someone depart with frost, but more often than not its far more minimal than some horrific...
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    Workshop insulation

    It's difficult for Texans to understand this, I know... but there is a world outside Texas. Most of the time that world is significantly colder.
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    Roomba for my shop?

    Makita makes one: "is a cordless solution that automatically cleans large flooring spaces in commercial environments."
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    Almost had a plane vs car

    Please, for the love of God and all that is holy. HANGAR*****
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    I was Robbed, Robbed, I tell you...

    There are other types of wind?
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    Starship successfully launches.....

    I think you may be oversimplifying a touch and maybe putting a bit too much emphasis on a word. What matters is data and moving forward. Who gives a **** what anyone calls it?
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    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    Which engine? I have the 2017 Fusion with the 2.0L engine and it takes about 1 minute and is a single bolt. But yes on 'throwaway cars' i.e cheap-end consumer grade cars expected to run about 150k miles and then be thrown away, serviceability isn't there anymore because they're really not...
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    Starship successfully launches.....

    By today's generation you mean boomers right? Because the Millenials (who are today's aerospace engineers btw) are saying it's all part of the process.
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    At A Cross Roads

    Nah. 10/10 deserved a deep inhale.
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    At A Cross Roads

    You seem pleasant. Welcome to PoA
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    At A Cross Roads

    In a single engine airplane - I would always default to route 2. I will spare no expense on my engine maintenance when I'm trusting it with my & my family's life. My engine is a 1989 Factory Reman and in my A&P's words is the best running engine of its type he's ever seen - and he's not the only...
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    Wit's End [NA]

    Rat race continues. Specialist spent less than 2 minutes with me, said it isn't what the previous docs thought, and referred me to an orthopedist doc. Not a vein issue, probably nicked a nerve is the current leader. This sucks. I think cumulatively, I've spent less than 5 minutes with all of the...
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    Starter bush plane, help me spend my money

    Maule M4 has 4 seats.
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    EarthX STC approved!

    I'll give you three guesses as to which company it is given the thread title. It can absolutely cause that issue if the BMS fails and sends that duty to the voltage regulator. Also this set up has worked flawlessly for 5 years. First time an earthx goes in and it decides to **** the bed? No...
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    Starter bush plane, help me spend my money

    Good luck finding one in the OPs budget. Fantastic plane though
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    Starter bush plane, help me spend my money

    Citabria 7GCBC Scout 8GCBC Stinson 108 Piper pacer Maule Cessna 170 OR 172 tailwheel converted Note, the Stinson, pacer and maule all have the same design roots.
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    Wit's End [NA]

    Seems to be a doctor shortage.